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Used Quality Machines: C51

Completely automatic tea bag packaging machine for heat-sealable single chamber round, square or rectangular filter bags without string and tag. IMA C51 machine represents the most advanced packaging machine, for the production and cartoning of heat-sealed filter bags, without string and tag, containing tea and herbs. IMA C51's well known versatility allows the production of a wide range of square, rectangular and round bags, both in size and dose weight. The C51 offers a full range of final packaging solutions: - a highly flexible and versatile cartoning attachment that offers the possibility to choose among different carton styles. An exit conveyor for hand removal and hand cartoning or polythene bag packing. The exit conveyor can also be fitted with an automatic diversion system able to feed, into separate stacks, a number of pre-determined counts thereby simplifying the packing of polythene bags and cartons. Last but not least the C51 can also be connected to a flow-pack machine.


Machine speed (envelopes/minute): up to 2000.
Bag capacity: up to approximately 28.34 grams black tea.
Power required: Total installed power 12.3 kw.

N.B.: consumption depends on the thermics group fitted on the machine.

Compressed air: duty pressure: 6bar - consumption: 75 Nl/min. - air supply connection: Ø 3/8gas.
Lubrification: is provided with an automatic and centralized lubrication system.
Machine net weight: max 4200 kg.

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