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Used Quality Machines: C23

Completely automatic tea bag packaging machine for non heat-sealable double chamber filter bags with string, folded tag and aluminium staple. A complete line, concentrated in one machine, flexible, versatile, rich in optional units, robust, highly automated, reliable, highly efficient, consistently updated over many years. A machine that allows the composition of lines, requiring minimum operator intervention and above all at reduced costs.


Machine speed (strokes/minute): with naked bag and crimped outer envelope up to 220 with heatsealed outer envelope up to 200.
Tea bag capacity:up to approximately 4.0 grams.
Filter bag maximum volume:14.26 cubic centimeters.
Power required:Total installed power 7.5 kw

N.B.: consumption depends on the thermics group fitted on the machine

Compressed air (without outer envelope): exercise pressure: 6bar - consumption: 10 Nl/min. compressed air inlet Ø 3/8gas.
Lubrication: the machine is provided with an automatic and centralized lubrication system.
Machine net weight: with cartoning attachment for pre-glued cartons: max 3250 kg, with hand removal : max 2900 kg.

Data subject to possible technical modification and not necessarily definitive.