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Used Quality Machines: C2000

Completely automatic tea bag packaging machine for heat-sealed double chamber filter bags with string, tag but without aluminium staple. IMA C2000 is one of the latest generation of machines produced by IMA in more than forty years, it represents the most advanced technical level in the sector, being capable of producing a variety of tea bag and carton styles. A tea bag without the presence of metallic material during infusion is the great advantage of this machine. New technological concepts have been applied to achieve high production efficiencies. C2000 was in fact the very first tea bag packaging machine in the world equipped with automatic splicing unit for all materials. This has been designed to minimize the time necessary to replace packaging materials and increase machine efficiency since material splicing is achieved without stopping the machine. A wide range of carton sizes are available and a quick size changeover is guaranteed. Non free-flowing products can be easily packed thanks to the special feeder and doser. Maintenance is dramatically reduced as the C2000 is equipped with a dry transmission system. Product quality is guaranteed by an automatic weight control adjustment.


Machine speed (bags/minute): up to 450.
Tea bag capacity: up to approximately 4.0 grams.
Filter bag maximum volume: 14.3 cubic centimeters.
Power required: Total installed power 18 kw.

N.B.: consumption depends on the thermics group fitted on the machine.

Compressed air (without outer envelope): duty pressure: 6bar - consumption: max 500Nl/min. - air supply connection 1/2 b.p.s.
Compressed air (with outer envelope): duty pressure: 6bar - consumption: max 400Nl/min. - air supply connection 1/2 b.p.s.
Machine weight: max 6300 kg

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